How To Remove Mold On Bathroom Floor

Mold on bathroom floor is truly unsightly and completely disgusting. There is no way you could enjoy your time in a bathroom that is plagued by the mold in every inch of it. The disadvantages mold offers, however, do not only apply on mere esthetical level. Mold infestation is a source of many health concerns. Its effects may not be present soon as the first colony pops up in your bathroom floor. Spores could accumulate and when they are in an amount just enough to cause problem, it would be all too late for you to prevent any sorts of allergic reaction.

How To Remove Mold On Bathroom Floor
How To Remove Mold On Bathroom Floor

To be fair, expecting your house to be a mold-free zone is some kind of wishful thinking. No matter how meticulous and thorough you have been in cleaning all parts and sections of your house, mold would still find a way in. You can only take preventive measures and when infestation does indeed take root, you need to treat it accordingly. This also includes regular cleaning of the bathroom-floor included.

Mold On Bathroom Floor is an annoying source of problems but it is not untreatable. There are things you can do to tackle this issue.


By “protection”, it applies to both yourself and your house. When dealing with b, protective coverings should always be worn so you do not get in direct contact with the spores, which would lead to immediate health concerns. You need to put on clothes with long sleeves, goggles, and rubber gloves before handling the matter. Wear an old cloth, if possible; as you must dispose of it once you are done cleaning up the mess. Items that are affected and infested should be thrown out unless you are willing and have the time to clean them up thoroughly as well.

Use correct cleaning agents

The key to preventing bigger problems is to take care of even the most minor case of mold infestation. And choosing the right cleaning solutions can be a great start. If for some reason you cannot get a cleaning solution from supermarket, you can fix your own concoction at home. Mix a part of bleach and 8 parts of water and add some detergent. This should be potent enough to ward off mold. If the mold persists, apply the solution on affected areas and leave if for several minute. Scrub the surface thoroughly afterwards.

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Further protection

The homemade mold cleaning solution mentioned above should be used with precautions. The detergent you use could contain ammonia, which upon contact with bleach can form toxic fumes. Wear a face mask when dealing with the mold this way. In fact, even store-bought cleaning agents could contain ammonia so you should wear a face mask anyway when it comes to cleaning your bathroom floor off the mold.

Preventive measures

Mold overgrowth on bathroom floor stems from a combination of moisture and organic matter. Make sure that the bathroom has good airflow. If possible, use dehumidifiers to control temperature and moisture levels.