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Montu (also spelled "Mont")
The Ancient Egyptian god worshipped at Erment (Hermonthis) was Montu, a sun god. Since the earliest eras, Montu was worshipped in Thebes. He later became an ancient warrior god related to the Horus Cult. Montu is depicted as a falcon protecting the king during battle and as a man with a hawk's head, wearing plumes, and a sun disk. Kings of the 11th Dynasty honored Montu and his theophany.

Scorpion and Na'rmer
Their is evidence that there were battles fought by both Scorpion, and Na'rmer.
Na'rmer is thought to have been the first king to unite Egypt.

General Weni
He was commander in chief of the army during the reign of Pepi II. General Weni gave the army an organizational foundation which lasted well into the New Kingdom. This new army was built around a core of veterans which led to a military caste. He was the first person other than a pharaoh to be depicted leading the army into battle.

House of Khety
Warrior nomarchs etched out and maintained a realm stretching just south of Abydos which included the delta region in the north.

Mentuhotep II
Mentuhotep led a series of campaigns which defeated the Herakleopolitians and initiated the Middle Kingdom.

Amenemhet I
Amenemhet I, led the campaign in which he usurped the throne from Mentuhotep III, thus ending the 11th Dynasty and beginning the 12th Dynasty. He began the creation of the 13th Dynasty and the fortress known as the Wall of the Prince.

Senusret I
Sensuret I, led a campaign to Lybia, and expeditions to Nubia. During his reign the Wall of the Prince was finished.

Senusret III
Senusret III, campaigned in Nubia where he pacified the areas around Semna and Uronati. He led an expedition to In Syria he had a temple built to honor the war god Montu.

Kamose, led Egyptian forces against the Hyksos. He strategically used the desert oasis, which allowed him to hide from Hyksos forces and strike when and where he wanted.

Ahmose I
Ahmose, led the decisive campaign to expel the Hyksos from Egypt. led secure the northern and southern borders.

Tuthmosis I
Tuthmosis I, campaigned in Nubia and the Near East. He conquered the island of Argo at the third cataract, where he built the fortress of Tombos. His campaigns extended Egypt's borders from the third cataract to the Euphrates.

Tuthmosis III
Tuthmosis III, led over 20 campaigns in which he maintained Egypt's borders from Syria to the third cataract. After conquering Princes in Syria he took Royal children back to Egypt where they were raised. They were then placed on the thrones of their homelands to rule as friends of the Egyptians.

Ramses II
Ramses II, was a great general of the New Kingdom period. His campaigns maintained the borders of Egypt despite poor odds in battle.

Ramses III
Ramses III, fought the Sea Peoples and Lybians to maintain the existence of Egypt